Filthy Farmgirl – a harvest hot toddy!

The Filthy Farmgirl

The Filthy Farmgirl

I don’t know about y’all, but harvest has been dragging out forever around here, with our first hard frost just coming on just this week. Seems like we usually have snow in Salt Lake valley well before Halloween, so this Autumn has been a warm one. Instead of being able to stagger out the fruit and vegetable canning, then the hunt processing, this year’s harvest hit me all at once. I’ve been butchering the two (two!) mule deer the guys brought in from this year’s hunt, and of course bringing in all the garden veggies before frost. I have loads of tomatoes I still need to sort to ripen, and a bumper crop of tomatillos and green ‘maters I should pickle, fry, and salsa-fy verde style.

Until I get all that done, I’m going to enjoy a nice warm toddy to celebrate fall in all its glory. Hope y’all do, too.

The Filthy Farmgirl

To a heavy 5-6 oz. mug, add:

2 oz. bourbon

1 heaping Tbs.. sorghum or molasses

juice of ½ lemon

a generous pinch of smoked sea salt (I used Durango smoked salt)

a dash of cayenne pepper

Stir with a cinnamon stick until the sorghum is completely combined into the other liquids. Slowly pour in 2 oz. of hot (not boiling) water, and stir again.


Enjoy with a good book, and look forward to getting a sustainable manicure in another few weeks – we’ve still got plenty of pickling and sausage-making ahead!


Nightcap: Smoked Bacon Whiskey Hot Toddy


You’ve shoveled out the drive for the sixth time in four days, and the snow isn’t stopping any time soon.  What makes this Sisyphean task bearable?   Whiskey, of course.   Warm, sweet, spicy, bacon-infused whiskey would be even better, now wouldn’t it?

Perhaps you don’t think you want ??????????????????????????bacon in your hot toddy, but you do.  You really, really do.  In fact, you need a little extra protein with your booze for fortification after copious amounts of snow removal work, my friend.  Forget those insipid honey-lemon concoctions you’ve slurped at overpriced ski resort bars.  Embrace a beverage that warms me to my little red toenails every time, guaranteed.  Savory, rich, voluptuous, and did I mention the bacony goodness?  Layered with hints of cayenne, maple syrup, cinnamon, and orange, it’s almost as good as having your own mountain man on call to shovel out the city snowplow-created blockade at the end of the driveway.   Especially if said mountain man looks like a young Robert Redford.  Remember Jeremiah Johnson?  Bacon.  Redford.  Bourbon.  Mmmm.  Redford doesn’t do it for ya?  How about Jake Gyllenhaal.  Better?  Okay, now repeat.  Mmmmm.

Of course, you can make this toddy using regular rye whiskey or bourbon whisky if you haven’t made your own smoked bacon bourbon yet (recipe:   You’ve got that little jar of bacon grease in the back of the fridge – and I know you do! – so melt ¼ teaspoon or so directly into your toddy mug in the microwave for 8-9 seconds before mixing it well into the rest of your ingredients.

I’m making this hot toddy for my hubby, The Macallan, tonight.  My mountain man deserves some protein and sugar in his booze after digging out the compacted snowbank at the end of our driveway.   I may have rammed my truck over it instead of digging the driveway out when I came back with the kids after school this afternoon.  Oops.


In an 8 oz. mug, muddle together using a cinnamon stick:

1 ½ oz. smoked bacon rye whiskey or bourbon (recipe, below)

1 Tbs. fresh orange juice

2 tsp. real maple syrup

A pinch each of:

cayenne pepper

smoked paprika

sea salt (omit salt if your bacon is really salty)

Pour enough very hot (not boiling) water to fill the mug

Flame an orange zest and drop it and the cinnamon stick into your mug.

Now find a comfy chair, sit back, and watch the snowflakes fly.